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A kingdom of isolation
And it looks like I’m the queen
  • Friend : I broke up with him
  • Me : You did the right thing . he was an asshole
  • Friend : We are back together
  • Me : Well done,i am so happy for you , he is such a nice guy.
I’m supposed to be doing a project I have to present tomorrow. I literally just spent 2 and half hours trying to find somewhere to print my photos for it. I hate college.

Oh jeez that sucks agh I did this to myself but I just don’t care that much I’m still graduating no matter what happens on my exams tomorrow lolz but also yes that’s super lame about your project :(

Wait I’m supposed to be studyin #2examz2mrw #lastclassesofschoolever #crying #confused #whatisthis #juststartedstudyingtonight #senioritis


PEOPLE ARE SO CUTE WHEN THEY FIRST WAKE UP like it doesn’t matter if they’re cranky or disoriented or still half-asleep and their hair is a mess fuck it doesn’t even matter if they drooled in their sleep or have ink smudged on their face from something they wrote on their hand they are CUTE all those things are CUTE

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